Dr Ralph Stanford provides an expert diagnosis for the appropriate treatment of your spinal condition and will fully support you on the path to recovery.

Ralph Stanford, Spinal Surgeon Sydney
Dr Ralph Stanford, Spinal Surgeon, Sydney

Dr Stanford is one of the leading orthopaedic and spinal surgeons in Sydney.

At the heart of his practice are 5 key principles:

 Patient ease & informed
Your comfort and well-being are paramount and that starts at our first appointment. He takes the time to understand your spinal condition and answer every question you have. It is important to him that you feel at ease and are fully informed about all your options.

 Fast appointments
If your condition is urgent or critical, he will see you at his next available clinic. He does not want you to be in undue pain for any longer than need be.

 Explore all treatment options
Spinal surgery is serious and complex. Which is why he explores all the treatment options open to you. Many conditions improve with time or lifestyle adjustments and he only operates when he is convinced you’ll have a better quality of life.

 Spinal surgery using precision technology
When it comes to spine surgery Dr Ralph Stanford uses computer-aided navigation which results in even more precise surgery. It saves time, is safer and he finds it leads to better outcomes.

 Public & Private
Dr Ralph Stanford is committed to the wellbeing of all patients and does not want money preventing patients from accessing the best medical treatment. He is happy to treat you in both the private and public hospitals.

For Patients

Your wellbeing is at the heart of all that we do.

For Referrers

There are 5 core principles that underpin everything I do.

Spinal Conditions

Your spinal condition is unique to you.

Spinal Surgery

Surgery is a serious and expert procedure.

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Dr Ralph Stanford’s goal is the successful treatment of your spinal condition so that you can lead a happier and more active life, wherever that is achievable.

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