Publications & Research

Participating in essential research

Dr Stanford is well trained in research; starting his career with a laboratory based higher degree (PhD) and is currently Australian principal investigator for an international clinical trial in spinal cord injury. His laboratory work included bone graft substitute materials, spinal screw analysis, graft contamination and bio-resorbable bone anchors.

Spinal cord injury

Prince of Wales Hospital has one of the two spinal cord injury units in NSW and Dr Stanford has developed a passion for the management of this devastating injury. He has publications on suicide, early assessment and the complications of spinal cord injury.

Dr Stanford is proud to lead a team at POWH in a trial of early treatment of acute spinal cord injury with a drug designed to enhance neurological recovery. He is the Australian Principal Investigator for an international project designed by Prof Michael Fehlings in Toronto, Canada, with overseas sponsorship. Currently there are five Australian sites participating in the trial of 23 worldwide and we lead the way in enrolment numbers internationally.

Australian and New Zealand National Hip Fracture Registry

Dr Stanford is on the steering committee that oversees a national database of hip fracture in the elderly with the aim of improving outcomes for this vulnerable group of people. He regularly contributes to data collection for the registry at POWH.

PhD thesis with UNSW:

‘Use of a composite of poly-lactic acid and hydroxyapatite as a possible bone conducting substance for promotion of healing in bone defects.’

Peer reviewed publications:
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