Post Operative Deformity

Spinal fusion is becoming more common for a variety of reasons and conditions. Unfortunately, the end result of multiple fusion procedures can be deformity of the spine, leaving a person with bent posture and possibly difficulty walking because of that posture. In some cases, there may also be persistent nerve pain in the legs.

Treatment of post-operative spinal deformity should be aimed at maintaining strength and mobility through exercise like hydrotherapy. Pain killers such as anti-inflammatories (Nurofen, Mobic etc) and even strong analgesics can be useful if used carefully. Walking aids such as sticks and frames can be very helpful.

Surgical Treatment

Surgery can correct post-operative spinal deformity, though this is often a complex procedure and requires a week or more in hospital with rehabilitation afterwards.

Medical terminology:

  • Scoliosis = side bending of the spine
  • Kyphosis = forward bending of the spine