Cervical Disc Replacement

This surgery is performed from the front of the neck and is used to treat nerve pain due to disc protrusion in carefully selected cases. There is a short incision obliquely on one side of the neck, usually the left, and time in hospital is a couple of days.

In the operating theatre positioning of the head and neck is carefully attended to. Once the front of cervical spine is revealed, x-ray is used to confirm the correct spinal level. The intervertebral disc is removed back to the nerve and spinal cord. An operating microscope is used to give a clear view of the involved nerve and gently remove the disc fragment from around it. Into the space between the vertebrae, a specially designed flexible prosthesis is inserted and x-ray is used to show that it is in a good position.

A collar is not required and walking starts the next day. There will be some discomfort swallowing and this improves with time. Only a couple of days is needed in hospital.