Telehealth & Surgery during Covid

People’s health issues continue to evolve and deteriorate, irrespective of lockdowns.

I am consulting via telehealth and also providing surgery for all those that need it, public or private

WEBINAR: Cauda Equina Syndrome

A brief presentation of CES causes, symptoms, and diagnosis, plus Q&A.

View the recording and download the materials here.

Pain Following Spinal Fusion Surgery

It is common for patients to experience discomfort as their body readjusts. However, if pain starts to be a problem for the patient, then it could be symptomatic of a serious issue.

Foot drop

Foot drop is weakness at the ankle that causes the foot to drop down when walking, so that the patient has a noticeable limp. Although the condition can arise for many reasons there are two common causes.

Spinal Fusion surgery

Spinal Fusion is surgery to join adjacent vertebra together so that they cannot move. It involves inserting some form of fixation – spinal screws, plates and rods, or cages – and some form of graft material so that the bones grow together.

The limited role of cortisone injections

Spinal injections have a place in management of spinal pain. However, they are rarely a permanent cure.

Lumbar radiculopathy and conditions that mimic it

Lumbar radioculopathy is a common spinal complaint. Most cases are benign. Often the pain will resolve itself and non-operative management is the recommended first step.

Back pain and how to manage it

Back pain is universal - almost all adults will experience it at some stage. Unfortunately for about 20% of cases, it becomes chronic.

Why we need to keep an eye out for Cervical Myelopathy

Cervical myelopathy is a disease of the spinal cord that may pass unnoticed.

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